MCU Fans Want To Cancel Tony Stark Because He Didn’t Pay The Avengers

tony stark
via Marvel Studios

Just when you thought the constant cancel culture discourse couldn’t get any more ridiculous, #TonyIsOverParty was trending over the weekend. Why? Because The Falcon and the Winter Soldier revealed that Tony Stark didn’t pay the Avengers for the saving the world.

That was the least important takeaway from the scene in question, but social media was still populated by incredulous responses in the aftermath, which obviously led to calls to cancel the beloved and entirely fictional character who acted as the main drawing card and face of the entire Marvel Cinematic Universe for over a decade.

Needless to say, some of the more level-headed Twitter users out there felt compelled to point out how inherently absurd the thought of lashing out at Robert Downey Jr.’s genius billionaire playboy philanthropist was, and you can check out a bunch of the reactions below.

Completely ignoring the overzealous demands to throw Tony Stark on the cultural scrapheap to focus on the facts, he was never under any obligation to financially compensate his teammates. After all, he was neither their boss nor the leader of the Avengers, and he was kind enough to kit them all out in snazzy superhero costumes and provide them with a huge facility in which to live free of charge.

Having Tony pay them would also lead to some ethical questions that the MCU would rather do without, seeing as they’re all-powerful beings who operate without any sort of jurisdiction. Being under contract would give them the right and option to refuse getting their hands dirty if they didn’t feel the money was right, and it’s hard to imagine a world where the Avengers would decline to stop Thanos from wiping out half of the universe because the wages on offer weren’t to their liking.