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MCU fans picking sides again by dredging up ‘Captain America: Civil War’ debate

Most fans are still Team Tony, more than six years after the movie's release.

A promotional image shows Iron Man, Black Widow and others facing off against Captain America and his faction
Image via Marvel Studios

What is it about the internet and not being able to move on from a debate? It looks like the folks on Twitter are once again picking upsides in the Captain America: Civil War Tony vs. Cap debate, with many justifying Iron Man’s rage and scolding Steve Rogers for lying to his fellow Avenger and taking his terrorist-turned-hermit friend’s side.

It perhaps speaks volumes about the kind of nuance the MCU producers managed to lend Civil War that the movie remains a topic of heated debate more than six years after its release in theaters. To think that both Civil War and Batman v Superman roughly followed the same narrative breadcrumbs, but one became one of the most controversial movies of all time, whereas the Russos’ brilliant execution made the former one of the best superhero movies of the past decade. 

All things considered, it’d be fair to say that both sides had valid reasons to do what they did, but even then, most people tend to lean towards Team Iron Man, if for nothing besides the fact that Steve always knew about Tony’s parents and never told him anything.

When one user accused the internet of siding with Tony, MCU fans united in force to proudly reassert their position on the debate.

Some folks are just too committed to back down now.

In fairness, Civil War proved that Captain America was not the paragon of virtue he pretended to be…

Here’s another reason to stan Team Iron Man:

Moral conundrums and philosophical debates aside, Team Iron Man simply looked cooler and that’s a fact. I mean, who even cares about right or wrong when you have T’Challa and Peter Parker on your team?

Someone said what we’re all thinking at this point. It’s 2022, so for the love of god, let bygones be bygones.

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