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MCU fans reveal which phase four cameo surprised them most

Thanks internet for ruining the surprise.

Andrew Garfield Spider-Man No Way Home
Image via Marvel Studios

Phase Four of the MCU introduced viewers to the multiverse, which opened up old characters from before Marvel’s acquisition by Disney to appear in various films. But with new Marvel films come leaks, spoilers, and rumors that lead to surprises getting spoiled. With all of this in mind, Marvel fans discuss which of the phase four cameos surprised them the most, which led to some heartbreaking responses.

Reddit user u/obiejay opened up the discussion on r/marvelstudios, where they asked the community which Marvel cameo surprised them the most in the MCU.

A majority of the answers given by MCU fans are quite sad as despite them being good cameos, many of them were leaked or rumored about beforehand. This led to the surprise being ruined.

A handful of Marvel fans listed Charlie Cox’s Daredevil as the best cameo as they believed his appearance in Spider-Man: No Way Home was cleverly executed and unexpected.

Others have said that Black Bolt’s appearance in Doctor Strange: In the Multiverse of Madness was their favorite cameo appearance. However, it was because it was the only cameo in Doctor Strange 2 that wasn’t heavily leaked to the public and was an unexpected choice.

Despite the rumors and leaks, there are a few strong-willed MCU fans that were able to watch the film without encountering any spoilers of potential cameos. This led to interesting answers as they make up a small minority that enjoyed those appearances.

Leaks or no leaks, each Marvel moviegoer has a unique film experience. While leaks, rumors, and spoilers might kill the surprise, maybe it’s the way the cameos were executed that makes them worth it. So far, there have been no cameos announced or leaked for the upcoming Thor movie except for the return of Jane Foster. So either no returning characters will appear in the film, or maybe Marvel has gotten better at keeping their surprises a secret.

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