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MCU fans wonder if people’s interest in the franchise is starting to wane

Is Phase Four really more of a Phase Bore?

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The MCU is now bigger than ever — in terms of the number of projects being released, at least. Remember the days when we used to get two movies a year? Well, these days, we’re up to three or four every 12 months, not to mention having three or four TV series dropping on Disney Plus alongside them. That’s a lot of Marvel Studios content out there, then, so you might argue that there’s never been a better time to be a fan of the franchise. And yet folks aren’t so sure.

Over on the Marvel Studios subreddit, Redditors have been discussing whether their interest in the MCU has started to wane at this point. One user started people talking by posing the slightly sacrilegious question, which garnered a range of responses from those who denied they’re any less excited these days to those who kind of agreed that they’re not as hyped for each new project as they once were.

For starters, those who like to see things half-full are aware there’s been a slight slowing of the hype train but argue that this is only natural as the saga builds itself back up again after Avengers: Endgame.

Meanwhile, for others, it’s just not the same without Iron Man and the OG Avengers around.

We’re not sure if this person meant The Simpsons and Family Guy comparisons as a compliment or not.

Keeping up with the MCU is one massive undertaking at this point.

For others, Phase Four is the best the Marvel universe has ever been, and they’ve never been bigger fans.

And some have just remained at the same high hype level since 2008.

Interestingly, this seems to be something that’s been at the forefront of fans’ minds of late, as they’ve already debated whether every entry in the franchise is a must-see anymore. Likewise, some are even feeling guilty for continuing to support the monolithic saga. Clearly, not everyone feels this way, but we might just be reaching a turning point for the traditionally fiercely loyal MCU fandom.

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