MCU fans don’t think everything in the franchise is must-see anymore

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How much content is too much? Well, if you’re a fan of Stranger Things, that’s a debate that’s been running all weekend since the butt-numbing first volume of season 4 dropped. If you’re more partial to the Marvel Cinematic Universe, then we’ll be finding out the answer soon enough.

The advent of the Disney Plus era has accelerated the desire for new film and television projects to insane levels, with high-ranking executive Victoria Alonso revealing not too long ago that Marvel Studios currently had upwards of 30 feature-length and episodic titles in various stages of development, pre-production, and/or shooting.

That’s absolutely nuts, and presents the very real danger of some MCU offerings being deemed as inessential. At worst, we could be talking about full-blown overkill, with even the most ardent of supporters becoming gorged on spandex-clad superheroes saving the world on a basis that becomes a little too regular.

With that in mind, the conversation has been taking place on Reddit as to whether or not everything that comes out of Kevin Feige’s house is required viewing, and digging through the comments presents a number of intriguing perspectives and points of view.

Audiences are a lot more likely to check out the movies than the TV shows as a general rule of thumb, if only because that’s how we’ve been conditioned to approach the MCU so far. Big budget blockbusters that demand to be seen on the biggest screen possible is the way the business has operated for decades, while you could make a reasonable argument that the Disney Plus exclusives are a touch more on the skippable side, even if WandaVision tied directly into Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness.

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