‘Moon Knight’ costume designer has ideas for Jake Lockley’s hero suit

oscar isaac moon knight performance
Photo by Gabor Kotchy. ©Marvel Studios 2022.

Meghan Kasperlik, costume designer for Disney Plus’ Moon Knight series, was practically as in the dark as the rest of the public when it came to the surprise of the series finale post-credit scene. Moon Knight’s third identity/personality, Jake Lockley, showed up mere seconds before the curtain fell, but Kasperlik has a few ideas about him costume-wise that may come into play if we see the show return for a second season.

One new tradition for the hero that the series established is that each of Moon Knight’s personalities manifest different versions of his battle outfit depending on which personality is dominant when the outfit manifests. In Steven’s case, it’s the tailored suit and full mask of Moon Knight’s “Mr. Knight” Persona, while Spector wears a more traditional take on the cowled costume from the comics with some mummy-wrapping flair thrown is. But how would the costume appear for the Lockley character?

It’s all but confirmed that Lockley was “at the wheel” as the hero’s dominant personality several times throughout the series when neither Steven nor Marc could recall what had happened. Many of those instances, were exceedingly and brutally violent as well. So if Lockley was in action as an avatar of Khonsho, would a new version of the suit manifest? Kasperlik told The Direct she believes it just might.

“I think that I would make it darker. I would make it probably the black one, the black costume that’s in the comics. I would definitely start there. This is nothing that they’ve ever done, this is just me. Those suits are so amazing, and you just never know. But there was nothing that was ever, ever done.”

– Meghan Kasperlik

Moon Knight has worn a black version of his costume several times over the various comic books he’s appeared in. The black might be fitting given the stealthy nature of the Jake Lockley identity up until now and also, in the “bad guys wear black” tradition, could indicate the more brutal nature of the character.

Fans will just have to cross their fingers that they get a second season to explore the option.