‘Moon Knight’ costume designer reveals Kevin Feige’s input

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Watching Moon Knight may leave you with the impression that the superhero’s costumes literally put themselves on, but in reality that’s far from the case. The look of Steven Grant / Marc Spector’s respective moon suits was the result of the hard work and inspiration of costume designer Meghan Kasperlik. And a few suggestions from MCU overmind Kevin Feige.

Kasperlik recently discussed the design aspects that went into the spectacular costumes that appear throughout Disney Plus’ Moon Knight with The Direct. The costumes in the production spanned a breadth of complexity, from the relatively simple “Mr. Knight” suit and mask that Steven Grant appears in when he’s serving as Khonshu’s avatar, to costumes that required literally hundreds of separate pieces.

“The Mr. Knight suit is super easy. It’s just like putting on a suit, like men’s suiting, so that was pretty easy,” Kasperlik told The Direct. “The Ammit and Taweret costumes definitely needed some help from the costumers to put that on because there were so many pieces,” she said.

Kasperlik also revealed that one of the identifying markers of the Mr. Knight costume came not from any of Moon Knight’s comic book appearances, but from Marvel Studios president and creative guru Feige. Specifically, the distinguishing jagged seam that runs down the character’s mask. “That was all Kevin Feige,” said Kasperlik. “Kevin selected that and it just, I think, made such an impact. It was pretty cool, and everyone seems to love it. But that was all Kevin.”

Conversely, Marc Spector’s more Moon Knight suit was one of the series’ most complicated, consisting of hundreds of elements that needed to be assembled by Kasperlik’s team.

The Moon Knight costume, I’m just so proud of everyone who worked on it. There’s 803 pieces in that suit, of pieces, pattern pieces, and cutouts. That’s just a lot of work, and I’m so incredibly grateful to the team that put that together. 

– Meghan Kasperlik

Kasperlik also made a special accommodation to ensure the actors were comfortable in the course of their performances on set. “I always want to make the suits in pieces so that the actors can use the restroom” she informed The Direct. “They’re always thankful for that.”