‘Moon Knight’ designers made a wild number of Mr. Knight suits

Moon Knight
Image via Disney Plus

The Oscar Isaac-starring Moon Knight revolves around a vigilante with multiple identities, but the sheer volume of costumes for one particular avatar in the show is quite jaw-dropping.

Isaac plays both the mercenary Marc Spector, who dons the titular Moon Knight persona, as well as Steven Grant, a more mild-mannered individual whose avatar is the sharply-dressed Mr. Knight. 

With Mr. Knight’s costume being nothing more than a pristinely-white three-piece suit, it’s somewhat understandable the costume designers would have backups while filming stunt-heavy scenes. But the amount of duplicates in question is actually way more than you would expect, to the tune of about four dozen, explained costume designer Meghan Kasperlik in a recent interview with ComicBook.com.

Kasperlik said the many duplicate suits came in handy in episode two, in particular, when Mr. Knight engaged in action scenes on the wet cobblestone streets of London.

In total, we had about 47 Mr. Knight suits. All of them were made in-house by my team. I had amazing bespoke tailors and we had them for Oscar [Isaac] and his stunts. Because every time you put a knee down in the wet…the suit is white, so we had a little help from our visual effects friends…but yeah, we had a lot of suits

Kasperlik added that an Easter egg in the show is that the buttons on Mr. Knight’s waistcoat are all custom and contain the symbol of Khonshu, the Egyptian God who gives the character his powers and outfits.

I had a metalsmith in-house that was making all of those for the 47 suits

Kasperlik also recently revealed that the costumes for both Khonshu and Taweret, another Egyptian God in the show, were created practically, despite both characters being computer-generated.

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