‘Ms. Marvel’ star demanded to meet one of the MCU’s Toms, and a wild Hiddleston instantly appeared

via Marvel Studios

Iman Vellani is literally living the dream as the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s newest superhero, with the Ms. Marvel star having won over hearts and minds after a photo of her dressing up as Kamala Khan for Halloween several years back went massively viral after resurfacing this week.

The youngster has already shot her second franchise appearance in The Marvels, and has developed a loyal and passionate fanbase thanks entirely to her charm and winningly positive personality, an impressive feat when there’s still almost a week to go until the first episode of Ms. Marvel drops on Disney Plus.

The streaming series was shooting on the same soundstages as Spider-Man: No Way Home and Loki at roughly the same time, but Vellani had yet to encounter Toms Holland or Hiddleston, which simply wouldn’t do. As per Ms. Marvel News, that situation was rectified in an instant.

“We shot Ms. Marvel right next door to Loki and No Way Home. I’ve been there two weeks and I go to Marvel’s head of security like ‘Yo Barry, I haven’t met any of the Toms yet!’. He comes back 15 minutes later and says, ‘Tom Hiddleston wants to meet you’.

I came to work in my pyjamas that day! It was terrifying but he was actually the sweetest guy ever and he ended up living in our apartment! We worked out with Tom Hiddleston! We ran into him at the gym and suddenly we were all doing reps together.”

As it turns out, it really is that easy to gain an audience with one of the MCU’s premiere English gentlemen named Tom, but only if you’ve got Larry the security guy in your back pocket.