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Watch: Netflix unveils trailer for the most adult home makeover show maybe ever made

The synopsis for the series on Netflix promises a 'secret rock 'n' roll dungeon' and 'next-level spa.

How to Build a Sex Room
Image via Netflix

On Netflix, one can find any number of shows which would not fly on network television, and, as the trailer for the service’s latest offbeat reality show, How to Build a Sex Room shows, they are not shying away from this trend in any way, shape or form anytime soon.

Today the platform shared a preview for the spicy home makeover show, premiering July 8. Couples get a visit from luxury interior designer Melanie Rose and get help in getting a new place to get down where they reside, complete with stripper poles, an assortment of lingerie, and, in the tradition of reality television drama, it appears couples featured on the initial run of episodes will get to have some emotional moments on their journey to reconnecting with each other’s bodies.

“You are our angel for our marriage,” says one.

The synopsis for the series on Netflix promises a “secret rock ‘n’ roll dungeon” and “next-level spa,” and later on in the two-minute trailer, viewers are also shown there will be humor and not just hanky-panky when the show premieres.

Rose’s contractor Mike will be making memorable appearances, as he’s tied to a bed at one point. Rose says this is part of what she enjoys in her line of work, “I always like to make his life a little bit difficult.”

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