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Netflix’s creepy new series is already sending viewers down a supernatural rabbit hole

Only just premiered, already shattering brains everywhere.

Netflix's creepy new series is already sending viewers down a supernatural rabbit hole
Image: Netflix

Netflix loves nothing more than pumping out creepy original series intended to invoke detective-like senses in its viewers, and its latest entry is so meticulously mysterious audiences are already becoming Sherlock Holmes.

1899 combines the best elements of Lost, Das Boot, Titanic, alongside bits of BioShock and the mixture is brewing perfectly with audiences. The new horror period mystery thriller (take a breath) is leading to so much analysis already, just in its first day on streaming. Helmed by German television masterminds, fans around the globe are feeling it.

Many are feeling a lot like Charlie from It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, with fan theories pumping out and everyone trying to piece the mystery together. There’s so much detail and intrigue in each shot, you could go mad going through it all.

The mystery and layers to it all have got some feeling a bit lost, especially as it becomes a wheels-within-wheels kind of plot. The series treats its audience like adults, which may also be why it can feel a bit bogged down if you take your eye off the ball for just a moment.

Deeply multilingual, there are at least 10 different languages spoken per episode, giving it a slight Tower of Babel vibe as they must find ways to work out the conspiracy without much common ground. 1899‘s creators previously helmed Dark which saw German sign language featured prominently.

1899 could be a contender for Netflix’s best new show in 2022. It’s deeply intriguing and tells a story that, thankfully, isn’t based on a sadistic mass murderer. The year has been dominated by true crime dramas, so having a plain old Twilight Zone-esque series feels like a great palate cleanser.

1899 is currently available to stream on Netflix.

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