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New ‘Ms. Marvel’ poster getting fans stoked for Disney Plus series

Much fan debate has centered around the character’s 'embiggening' powers.

Ms. Marvel
Image via Marvel Studios

A new poster for the upcoming Disney Plus original series Ms. Marvel is getting fans stoked about the newest superhero coming to the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

The image features Iman Vellani’s Kamala Khan fully decked out in her costume, striking a heroic pose against a city skyline.

The image, which was shared by the Disney Plus Latin America Twitter account, struck a chord with fans.

One Twitter user replied with a series of heart-eyed emojis, obviously overwhelmed with anticipation at the new show.

Another fan indicated they were intrigued with what the series will bring.

Another fan posted an encouraging GIF.

Another Twitter user summarized their thoughts with one word, “diva.”

Not all fans have reacted warmly to the promotional material for the show so far, particularly for changes to the look and feel of the character’s powers, as compared to the comic book source material. Her “embiggening” abilities in the comics made her an unconventionally awkward superhero, and all the more relatable for it.

However, in some of the trailers for the show, Kamala appears to have a gem-like sheen over her enlarged fists, rather than her hands maintaining their fleshy texture as they grow bigger, like in the comics.

But a co-creator for the character has recently cleared the air about the minor controversy. Sana Amanat explained that the changes were simply made to make Kamala Khan’s origin more grounded in the MCU, and not necessarily to fundamentally change everything about the character, despite a different look.

“The essence of what the powers are in the comics is there, both from a metaphorical standpoint and from a visual standpoint. We’re doing the embiggened fist. We’re doing the elements that make her feel and look kind of crazy, but also really cool. I think it’s going to be familiar to people, but at the same time, different in a fresh and unique way.”

Ms. Marvel comes to Disney Plus on June 8.

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