‘Obi-Wan Kenobi’ coming to theaters so fans can hate it on an even bigger screen

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Obi-Wan Kenobi‘s penultimate episode airs on Wednesday, and should give us a solid indication of what’ll go down in the season finale on June 22. So far, fans have judged the show a mixed bag. Ewan McGregor is fantastic as an older, traumatized version of his prequel trilogy character, and the 10 year-old Leia is incredibly entertaining.

The flipside are the justified complaints about effects quality, pacing issues, and episode length – with many concluding this would have been better as a movie rather than a TV show. Well, those fans will technically get their wish soon, as all six episodes are coming to Cineplex theaters next Wednesday.

The experience will clock in at a butt-numbing five hours and 20 minutes, with that runtime including a live Q&A streamed to theaters. Incidentally, that bit of info may also give us a hint that the final two episodes of show will be closer to an hour long, depending on how much time they’re planning for the question and answer session.

Disney is currently experimenting with some theatrical releases for its streaming shows in various territories. For example, Ms. Marvel is hitting Pakistani cinemas in two-episode chunks, as the platform isn’t available in the nation. For us, it sounds like a fun way to make this a communal experience, and it’ll just be nice to finally see Star Wars back in theaters.

It’s currently unknown whether this release will simply play all episodes back-to-back, or edit them together into a seamless narrative. We’d hope for the latter, as this new cut would be a fine bonus addition on Disney Plus at a later date, and make marathons of the series much more palatable.

Details of the screening are available on the Cineplex website.

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