Paramount Plus promises explosive growth as Netflix continues to prune shows and subscribers

Paramount Plus

While streaming services like Netflix have been cutting jobs and content due to a recent loss in subscribers, others, like Paramount Plus are continuing their big streaming dreams and the home of Star Trek has just announced a global push as a result.

An article published today by The Hollywood Reporter reveals the platform is aiming for 150 international originals to be available to its users by 2025 including productions from Mexico, Germany, Italy, and France. These include First Lady of Sinaloa which touches on the life of Mexican drug lord El Chapo’s wife Emma Coronel, with John Leguizamo billed as the infamous crime boss. The Sheikh, on the other hand, chronicles the life of a con artist, played by Björn Meyer, who poses as a wealthy Arab and almost brings Switzerland’s economy to a national crisis. Studio representative Marco Nobili is confident that what’s on the way will honor Paramount’s legacy while driving people into seeing what they have to offer in addition.

“Paramount’s story began with the longest-running studio in Hollywood, and today we span the globe with our worldwide production studios that create hits for audiences around the world, which now live all in one place: Paramount+. As the service continues to expand around the world, there’s a great opportunity for content to travel globally, opening up a world of opportunities for talent and creators, while delivering incredible value to subscribers on Paramount+.”

None of the announced international offerings have release dates set as of this story being filed.

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