Paul Bettany’s children think Vision is the worst Avenger because, kids

Paul Bettany in WandaVision
Image via Marvel Studios/Disney Plus

Paul Bettany is admired the world over for his portrayal of the Avenger, Vision, in the MCU theatrical films and Disney Plus’ Wandavision. Unfortunately, he has to live with his two harshest critics. Literally.

Bettany’s two children with his wife Jennifer Connelly may love their dad, but his big-screen counterpart can go jump in a lake as far as they’re concerned. Bettany recently sat down on the Late Night couch to chat with Seth Meyers and revealed his android alter ego is held in less than high regard by his kids. When Meyers asked if Bettany’s kids were fans of the MCU, he answered, “Yes, but they torture me with it.” 

Bettany claims that his daughter, 11, has selected every other Avenger but him as her personal favorite over the years. “My daughter has moved through all the different Avengers as her favorite. It’s never, never me,” he told Meyers.

Bettany’s offspring actually went through some pains to let him know exactly the regard his character is held. The actor was attempting to log in to Disney Plus when he noticed his login icon had been altered. “Just recently, I turned on – I wanted to watch Moon Knight, which is fantastic. And I tried to log in to my Disney Plus account, and they had edited my profile.”

One (or both) of the kids has hacked in and changed the avatar to a photo of Vision and the name to “Worst Avenger.”

Even Avengers have a hard time earning the respect of their children. Maybe Chris Hemsworth has an easier time with his three kids.