Pierce Fulton Proves His Versatility Once More With “Make Me Blue”


Pierce Fulton must have tapped into some higher creative frequency as a result of his freak rope swing injury, because everything he’s turned out since has been gold. The Vermont producer’s recent releases were already pretty decent, but “Make Me Blue” is his third track in a row that’s been on a whole different level.

The song is largely driven by a lyrical top line, with instrumental samples and sound design elements that blend seamlessly throughout the arrangement. Fulton didn’t resign himself to any single genre over the course of his creative process, and what results is an intelligent track that still retains an element of mass appeal.

“Make Me Blue” appears to be one of four songs that will appear on Pierce Fulton‘s upcoming EP, Borrowed Lives. The effort will arrive by way of the record label Seeking Blue on July 22nd, but another track or two might trickle out in the weeks leading up to its release.