Power comes at a catastrophic cost in ‘Yellowstone’ season 5 trailer


Steady yourselves, Yellowstone fans, the long-awaited trailer for the highly-anticipated 5th season is finally here, and it’s as thrilling a look at the future for the Duttons as it is an emotional one. That’s right, with the tagline, “Power has a price,” it’s evident that our favorite cowboy family is up against the fight of their lives next season, and it just might cost them everything.

When we last saw the Dutton family, some had just celebrated a wedding while others were on another emotional plain entirely. Beth, Rip, John, Lloyd, and Carter were experiencing that wedding bliss high while Kayce, Monica, and Jamie were shouldering a hefty weight. From a broken future to death and murder — nothing was sacred for some of our beloved characters, and the tune hasn’t changed since then. 

Now, we’re seeing John Dutton swear in as the Governor of Montana, and those around him are experiencing a mix of emotions. From hesitant joy to extreme disdain, there are more enemies for the Duttons to fight against than ever before — but also a lot more fun to be had.

With the release of the first teaser trailer, we were promised that all would be revealed, and as people who hold the kind of secrets you hope to take to the grave — we knew the Duttons were in trouble. As the new footage reveals, some stressful situations are on the horizon, but we’ll still see some good on the Yellowstone Dutton Ranch.

There are moments of romance, stage performances, and of course — moments of celebration to be shared on the ranch. It’s just that this time around, a cloud seems to be lingering just beside the Yellowstone Dutton Ranch, ready to move in and cause a catastrophe at any moment. Will the Duttons be able to weather the storm?

With John in a new position of power, they should be an unstoppable force if they can just stay united.You can watch the two-hour television event, which kicks off season 5 of Yellowstone on November 13, and be prepared — everything is about to change.