Rain Man Talks About Signing To Dim Mak


It’s been just over a year since news of a split and subsequent lawsuit between Krewella frontwomen Jahan and Yasmine Yousaf and their musical maestro, Kris Trindl A.K.A. Rain Man hit the press. Even before the ink dried on negotiations that would resolve at least one of the formal complaints, both parties were keeping busy redefining their post-breakup musical identities by releasing new music. In the case of Rain Man, his efforts have culminated into a celebrated signing with the record label Dim Mak.

By the looks of things, a deal with Buygore was also on the table earlier in the year – but Dim Mak’s comparative musical diversity ultimately swayed him in their favor. In an interview with Your EDM, Rain Man elaborated:

The Buygore team is awesome, and I love the music they are putting out and the artists/DJs they are building. For me though, since I prefer mixing genres and have a history doing crossover and even pop stuff, Dim Mak is a perfect fit. I’ve had conversations with the guys at DM about the importance of the songs I have in my catalogue right now, as well as the more instrumental tracks.

Being that Rain Man‘s expertise as a producer needs no introduction, we congratulate him on beginning a new chapter with class and looks forward to his Dim Mak releases in 2016.