‘Rick and Morty’ fans can fight over McDonald’s Szechuan sauce yet again this month

Image via Adult Swim/Rick and Morty

Diehard Rick and Morty fans — and general sauce lovers — can all now rejoice. McDonald’s has officially announced plans to bring back its incredibly popular Szechuan sauce for a limited time only at the end of this month.

The ever-successful fast-food chain announced on Twitter earlier today that the sauce would be returning for a few days starting March 31. The much-anticipated sauce features a balance of sweet and savory and will be utilized as a dipping sauce for customers purchasing chicken nuggets.

The fan-favorite sauce originally dates back to the late ‘90s, when it debuted as a marketing campaign for Disney’s animated feature Mulan. The sauce eventually fizzled out after McDonald’s stopped selling it, only to make a triumphant return in 2017 when an episode of Rick and Morty mentioned the beloved sauce. Even though the sauce returned for just one day, the overwhelming response was enough to generate riots across many McDonald’s restaurants.

Seeing as the sauce will mark its first return to McDonald’s restaurants in five years, the fast-food giant took the time to address its long-awaited reintroduction in a statement. Per USA Today:

It’s only returned three other times in the past 24 years, and we’re excited for fans to get another taste of the elusive favorite for just a few days.

Fans of Rick and Morty and the classic sauce itself are surely eager to once again experience its unique taste. Additionally, the sauce will exclusively be available on the McDonald’s app, along with an option to purchase the sauce à la carte in individual packets.

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