Robert Eggers shares how he found out Robert Pattinson had been cast as Batman

Photo by Joe Scarnici/Getty Images

When director Robert Eggers was recording audio with Robert Pattinson in post-production for Eggers’ acclaimed 2019 horror myth The Lighthouse, the Twilight star turned to him and said, “I need to play Batman.” According to a recent interview with, that’s when the auteur learned that Pattinson had gotten the part in Matt Reeves’ recent blockbuster comic book adaptation.

Eggers continued his story:

“And I was kinda like, ‘Okay, whatever man…” I think [Pattinson is] awesome, you know? And I also like give like major props to Matt Reeves for like keeping his authorial voice in making a comic book movie.”

Pattinson told ComicBook in an interview that he auditioned for the role in 2019 wearing George Clooney’s famous “Batnipple” suit:

“It was incredible, I mean, I remember when I was doing the screen test, because it was really fun and it was really, really long. I mean, I literally did a screen test in it for about eight hours and the entire time was just pouring sweat so much with Matt [Reeves] saying, “‘What can we do about this sweat?’ I’m like, ‘There’s nothing to be done. The only way past this is not drinking any liquids.’”

When asked if he would ever direct his own comic book adaptation, Eggers demurred, saying he wouldn’t feel like a good fit at Marvel, but not denying he’s received interest from any other production companies:

“What do I have to offer Marvel? You know? I mean, like everything that I’m good at is like the antithesis of what like a good Marvel director has. So I just don’t see it.”