Watch: Ryan Reynolds narrates Discovery Plus doc ‘Curb Your Carbon’ trailer


Actor Ryan Reynolds has been dominating the top of Netflix’s charts, and now the Canadian entertainer is branching out to Discovery Plus with narration he provided for a documentary on the streaming platform titled Curb Your Carbon.

The work will be available on the service just before Earth Day Friday, April 22, and appears to be a part of the programming from the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation shot earlier last year. In the trailer, Reynolds highlights people who have worked to curb their carbon footprint on individual levels and implies the family that steals garbage, the exterminator who eats bugs, and a racing driver who never actually hits the gas when on the track can be emulated.

“You can be [different too]. Not in a weird way, but a making a difference kind of way. We can change climate change. Does that make sense? So, ready to save the planet? Actually, the planet will be fine. What we need to save is us … let’s make magic.”

As reported by Deadline Hollywood, other projects set to debut on the platform this month include Action Planet Climate Change, Endangered, and Frozen Planet. The Mating Game, a five-part docuseries from Sir David Attenborough, explores intimate details of life from every corner of the globe to reveal how animals ultimately overcome challenges to reproduce and leave a legacy through their offspring.

Reynolds’ voice will join David Schwimmer’s Mysterious Planet, Ellen Degeneres narrating Endangered, and Dame Judi Dench setting out to explore what lies in Malaysian Borneo in Judi Dench’s Wild Borneo Adventure.

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