Secret Empire #10 Teases “The Vanishing Point”


Having recently learned that the sixth issue will experience a minor delay, we turn our attention toward some breaking news concerning Marvel’s currently unfolding event series, Secret Empire, specifically the tenth issue that was confirmed as being added not long ago.

You see, Marvel PR just sent out a newly unveiled cover for Secret Empire #10 that, quite obviously, bears a striking resemblance to that of Alex Ross’ promo artwork for Generations, a series of one-shots to be released in the near future that feature various versions of heroes teaming up for reasons unknown, with Thor Odinson and Jane Foster serving as examples, much like Wolverines Laura Kinney and Logan.

Putting two and two together, we can’t help but think these two books that previously seemed to be unrelated will lead into this fall’s Marvel Legacy one-shot that’s said to return many titles starring the House of Ideas’ most enduring characters to their original numbering. While this can be spun as a positive saying that the publisher has a grand plan at hand, it also feeds into the common complaint readers have had in regards to Marvel events not feeling self-contained and serving as vehicles leading into whatever the next big thing is.

Also of note is that the only text sent accompanying the cover art was the cryptic line “What is the Vanishing Point?” Well, we can probably confirm that it’s not the timeless citadel known to DC Comics fans that was recently adapted to live action thanks to Legends of Tomorrow. Still, it likely has something to do with bending the space-time continuum and restoring classic concepts.

Secret Empire #10 is scheduled to arrive in comic shops this August.

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