Shanghai Disneyland Resort shuts down due to COVID outbreak

Shanghai Disneyland Resort
Photo by Lintao Zhang via Getty Images

Disney announced that the Disneyland Resort in Shanghai will temporarily shut down due to COVID-19.

The announcement was made on the Shanghai resort’s website as China faces the worst COVID-19 outbreak since the pandemic began. As per the statement released, Shanghai Disneyland, Disneytown, and Wishing Star Park will be temporarily closed from Mar 21, 2022. They also assured that they will inform guests in the future when they will resume operations.

“We will continue to monitor the pandemic situation and consult local authorities, and will notify guests as soon as we have a confirmed date to resume operations. We apologize for the inconvenience and will provide refund or exchange for all guests impacted during this period. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation! We look forward to seeing you soon!”

Shanghai Disneyland was the first to temporarily shut down back in January 2020 when the pandemic began. The resort slowly reopened its doors a few months later, while enforcing lower venue capacities and the wearing of face masks. Disneyland Shanghai later shuts down again in 2021 due to the delta outbreak. All 34 thousand of its guests were tested and told to self-isolate.

China is currently in lockdown with more than 3.6 thousand cases recorded during the weekend. Till now, the Chinese government ordered 37 million of its citizens to go into lockdown ever since the Shandong, Guangdong, and Jilin provinces experienced a surge in COVID cases from the Omicron outbreak. All offices, places of entertainment, and restaurants have been advised to remain closed. China recorded its first death from COVID-19 from the recent outbreak last weekend.