Skittles, really committing to tasting the rainbow, requests a fursona on Twitter

It’s no surprise that a big company might want to get in good with the furry fandom. Famous music stars like Lil Nas X has a fursuit, and even Lindsay Lohan recently auctioned off an NFT of her fursona. However, it seems that no one expected a candy giant like Skittles to start asking for their own fursona on Twitter.

After a brief conversation with several furries on the social media platform, user BlueFolf shared a post with the caption “SKITTLES IS A FURRY,” showing off the reply chain. The chaos truly began when Skittles asked if they should run an art contest for their fursona.

At first, most users were simply surprised that Skittles would want to interact with such a niche community at all.

And some people even drew up the art of the fox/bunny hybrid named Cheryl that Skittles seemed to request.

However, things quickly took a more serious shift as the furry community got involved and started to sling insults at the major corporation.

One prominent furry pointed out that the company that owns Skittles has ties to issues in the problematic cocoa trade.

Another user claimed Skittles was participating in rainbow capitalism — when corporations take advantage of LGBTQ+ communities for their profit — among other things.

It looks like most furries, in general, do not want the fandom to be corporatized in any way, as one user pointed out.

One well-known lawyer within the fandom started a risque art contest that, while likely not serious, could very likely end up existing due to Rule 34. If the furry fandom “keeps weird” and pulled stunts like this, it would make it harder for major corporations to use it for marketing.

What do you think about the possibility of Skittles getting themselves a fuzzy mascot for their colorful candy? Tell us in the comments!