‘Sonic Prime’ series coming soon to Netflix, with Big the CAT, FOLKS!!!

Netflix is keeping the hype training going for the forthcoming animated series, Sonic Prime, with the newest fan-favorite character being none other than Big the Cat and Froggy.

Although an exact release date for the show has been set yet, it is expected to premiere later this year, and “soon,” according to the streaming service’s post. Shadow the Hedgehog has already been teased as a character in the show, as well.

Similar to Shadow, Big the Cat and his pal Froggy premiered in the video game franchise for the Dreamcast console era. The first Sonic Adventure game mixed up the formula in the series, making a vast number of characters, all with different controls and gameplay playable, including Knuckles, Tails, Amy Rose, a robot named E-102 Gamma — and perhaps most notoriously of all — Big the Cat, whose levels amounted to a fishing game simulator in the midst of what is otherwise an action-packed platformer.

However, as a character, Big is quite a lovable and cute creature. As such, even though his Sonic Adventure campaign had unrefined controls and was considered a low point of the game, Big nevertheless returned as a character in future games, albeit in a more minor supporting role. Sometimes playable, sometimes not — in the games — Big also made appearances in other Sonic shows and comics.

Sonic Prime is expected to hit Netflix later this year.

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