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Sony’s approach to Marvel villains neatly summed up by a single meme

If we've said it once, we've said it a thousand times; the internet is, and forever will be — undefeated.


Oh, Sony. Sweet, unassuming, irresponsible, Sony. The company makes a great gaming console, and even puts out a solid silver screen entry from time to time — but when it comes to superheroes, they’ve got a lot to learn.

Frankly, it’s no secret that Sony struggles with adapting the comic book properties they’ve acquired over the years. Known for owning Spider-Man and his assortment of allies and villains, the outfit has certainly taken a different approach to bringing spider-related content to the masses. So much so in fact that fans have turned to the internet to sum up Sony’s ineptitude in one perfect tweet.

It’s only right that in making fun of Sony for its handling of Spider-Man, that we make sure to use a Spidey meme in the first place. Coming directly from Marvel Studios’ Spider-Man: Far From Home, this meme originated through an iconic Mysterio quote. Sure, it provides a good laugh, but the commentary this tweet is making couldn’t be more true.

Frankly, amongst all the success Marvel has found through Spidey and company, Sony has missed the mark. At the end of the day that all comes down to their strategy of turning classic Spider-Man villains into lovable antiheroes — attempting to rewrite the genetic code of some of the most iconic bad guys in comics.

Venom, Kraven the Hunter, and how could we forget this season’s breakout star; Morbius. It’s clear that Sony has been taking classically geared villains and trying to turn them into heroes we all can root for. There’s just one problem; they’re horrible people. In the comics, it’s no secret that Peter Parker has to face off against all manner of ne’er-do-wells, and although they may have their moments, most of them remain entirely evil.

It is fun every once in a while for Spider-Man to team up with a baddie from his rogues’ gallery, but not so easily, and never for very long. Seeing a different side of a villain can be exciting, but what makes them so iconic in the first place is their villainy, funnily enough. Still, it doesn’t seem that Sony is going to stop with this new formula anytime soon. With that in mind, all we can hope is that the internet continues to crank out a meme or two — just to keep us all laughing like a supervillain.

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