‘Spider-Man: No Way Home’ shockingly finishes 4th in Oscars 2022 fan vote

spider-man no way home

The first ever Academy Award fan voted category, one Spider-Man: No Way Home was expected to win easily, has resulted in a resounding loss for the Marvel blockbuster.

Finishing in fourth behind Minamata, Cinderella, and winner Army of the Dead, it looks like once again you cannot doubt the power of Zack Snyder’s fanbase. Snyder’s radical following saw his cut of Justice League receive the win in the other fan-voted category for Best Cheers Moment — beating out moments such as the Avengers assembling in Endgame, and the three Spider-Men uniting in No Way Home.

The award was announced in the aftermath of No Way Home picking up just the sole Academy Award nomination, with hardcore webheads and A-list actors (including Samuel L. Jackson) believing the film deserved recognition for its successes. No Way Home was tracking well in the early stages of voting, with fellow superhero flick The Suicide Squad also seeming a frontrunner as recently a month ago.

There are obvious questions to be asked about the two categories, and if they’ll have any future at the industry awards show. Spider-Man: No Way Home‘s producers and distributors won’t worry too much though, considering it grossed $1.8 billion worldwide.