‘Stranger Things’ fans are worried this fan-favorite character will perish

The cast of ‘Stranger Things’ look nervously skyward outside Hopper’s cabin
Image via Netflix

Netflix’s fantasy extravaganza Stranger Things is crawling with beloved characters that pull at viewers’ heartstrings and keep fans coming back for more with each momentous season. Amidst those characters are the core kids clan in Hawkins — namely, Mike Wheeler, Will Byers, Lucas Sinclair, Dustin Henderson, Max Mayfield, and Jane “Eleven” Hopper. And, despite Will being one of the central focuses in the series since the beginning, diehard fans are beginning to wonder if the youngest Byers boy will survive the fifth and final season.

Over on r/StrangerThings, user u/takemylilhand sparked the gut-wrenching conversation by posting a few images of Will and expressing genuine concern that the fan-favorite character might not survive the duration of season five.

Despite OP’s understandable unease, one intellectual user chimed in with a thought-provoking argument that should help to convince folks that Will is a major player in the sci-fi series and that he should be fine.

Several other users boasted the same opinion and assured folks that Will’s survival in the fifth season is a must.

On the other hand, some users believe that Vecna will get the best of Will and could cause some serious trouble for him.

Ahead of the fifth season, there is an ongoing theory amongst fans — said theory suggests that, seeing as the show began with Will, it only makes sense to end the journey with him alive and well. Nevertheless, considering the Duffer Brothers have been hesitant about killing off important main characters in the past, anything is certainly possible.

Stranger Things is available to stream on Netflix.