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‘Stranger Things’ fans dial it up to 11 as they rank their favorite moments from… you know

'Stranger Things' fans have a deep love for the iconic character of Eleven as they discuss the character's most memorable moments.

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Stranger Things is a franchise that many have taken to heart. From the concept of the creep Upside Down to the nostalgia of the 80s, the plethora of amazing well-written characters to the tense moments of suspension the show has become a pop culture phenomenon since its release back in 2016. There is one character that ties it all together though, and to fans of the show, she has become an icon.

Eleven, played by Milly Bobby Brown, is at the center of everything thanks to her powers but she is loved because of her selflessness and resilience. Since we were introduced to the small, shaved-headed girl back in season one, fans have followed her progression and seen her grow from strength to strength despite everything thrown at her.

After suffering tremendous loss, being used by others as a weapon, being attacked by creatures from another dimension, and even dealing with high school bullies she continues to strive forward, risking her life for the ones she cares about. Eleven is by no means a saint, if you push her you will get hit in the head with a rollerblade… and not forgetting she has murdered a ton of people, but that is what’s great about the character, she isn’t just one thing; she is fragile and strong and complex, but at the end of the day there is nothing she can’t overcome.

Fans on Reddit are discussing their favorite moments featuring the character, some of them are badass and some are just so wholesome.

Many of us almost cheered in our seats at her return to the gang in season two.

The reaction of her friends who were so close to being demi-dog chum upon seeing their hero is priceless.

For a few it isn’t her moments of power, but seeing her happy and being a normal kid.

Who can forget the shopping trip, the 80s throwback was strong there.

Seeing these two strong young women empower one another was amazing, and allowed both of them to grow.

We love it when someone is strong enough to be able to free themselves from their past torments, and Eleven was able to do just that in season four.

For many it’s Eleven’s moments of compassion, for someone who has faced such trauma she still has the ability to heal others.

This user just can’t choose! Though moments where love is stronger than pain and anger are pretty badass.

Eleven has proven herself once again going up against an old foe in the season four finale, and we can only hope that she continues to be a badass in the upcoming series’ final season.

All four seasons of Stranger Things is available to stream on Netflix, with a fifth season in the works.

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