‘Stranger Things’ star Millie Bobby Brown dishes on Eleven losing her powers

Stranger Things fans are undoubtedly familiar with everything from vengeful monsters from the Upside Down invading Hawkins, to Steve Harrington protecting the kids group as a devout babysitter, but what most eagle-eyed viewers are definitely not unaccustomed to is fan-favorite Jane “Eleven” Hopper without her telekinetic powers that have established her as a credible threat to those aforementioned monsters (and eventual school bullies).

Although it seemed unfathomable ever to imagine Eleven without her jaw-dropping powers, star Millie Bobby Brown is thankful that her character has gone most of season four without them. While speaking in a pre-recorded video for Stranger Things Day for Netflix’s Geeked Week, the 18-year-old actress expressed her appreciation to the Duffer brothers for allowing Eleven to find her footing in life without the use of her powers to help her.

“I’m definitely really excited about the fans seeing Eleven without powers, and her struggle and the frustration of wanting to use them, because she’s so used to using them. The fourth season… I really appreciate the Duffers taking away her main ability. Her most favorite thing of all, her most valued and dependent thing that she has in her life is her super powers. And taking that away, where does that leave us? And who am I, really?”

Now that the official teaser for Volume Two is out, it will be interesting to see if Eleven’s powers are actually back, seeing as she underwent Dr. Brenner’s treatment to recover her brutal memories — which have increased speculation as to if Eleven actually created the Upside Down with her powers in the first place.

Vol. 2 of Stranger Things 4 arrives on Netflix on July 1.

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