‘Texas Chainsaw Massacre’ stars break down the movie’s Easter Eggs

texas chainsaw massacre

Texas Chainsaw Massacre stars Sarah Yarkin and Elsie Fisher are teasing several Easter eggs ahead of the slasher phenomenon’s much-anticipated release on Netflix this Friday.

The 2022 sequel will serve as the ninth installment in the legendary horror franchise, which began in 1974 with Tobe Hooper’s The Texas Chain Saw Massacre. Since then, fans keep flocking back for each new addition, eagerly bearing witness to Leatherface’s sadistic antics.

While speaking with Screen Rant, both Yarkin and Fisher elaborated on the eye-catching surprises sprinkled throughout the newest installment, including a nod to Tejano, Garcia’s 2018 film.

There were a lot of little character choices I definitely made to try and be like, “hoo hoo hoo.” The one Easter egg that does come to mind that’s kind of fun is — I don’t know if it’s an Easter egg — I get to pick up a cowboy hat at the end and put it on, and that was my idea and it was pretty fun. It’s a little bit of a reference to David Blue Garcia, the director’s, last movie, so that was kind of fun to tie that in.

Elsie Fisher via Screen Rant

Yarkin immediately chimed in, mentioning a movie theater scene in the film which further makes reference to Tejano. Additionally, the young actress revealed a cameo by producer Shintaro “Shin” Shimosawa, who utters the iconic “try anything and you’re canceled, bro” line in the trailer.

I think this is an Easter egg, I’m not sure if it counts as an Easter egg, in the theater, there’s a movie theater scene, and David Blue Garcia, his movie, Tejano, they were able to print his movie posters inside the theater and your character walks by it, which I think is super funny. And then also, I don’t know if you noticed this Elsie, […] when Shin is holding [his phone] and he’s like, “If you do this you’re gonna get canceled” or whatever on the bus, holding his phone and you see the Instagram Live and the names are like Fede and–

Sarah Yarkin via Screen Rant

Fisher officially confirmed the producer’s cameo, and revealed how much fun the stars had while watching his scene.

Oh also that’s an Easter egg though. Shin, the main guy on the bus who has the phone, is one of our producers, and he was with us the whole time and it was hilarious that he’s in this.

Elsie Fisher via Screen Rant

While the pressure for this duo is certainly on, both actresses are quite familiar with the horror genre; Yarkin’s a cast alum of Happy Death Day 2U and Eat Brains Love, while Fisher played Joy Wilkes in Hulu’s Castle Rock. We’ll discover what happens when their Massacre characters collide with the cannibalistic Leatherface tomorrow on Netflix.