The best fashion YouTubers have something in common — tons of subscribers

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In the world of fashion, trends are constantly changing. Nothing stays the same and there’s always something new to look out for, month by month. That said, there are several popular users on YouTube who provide an awesome fashion aesthetic for their fans and followers. Instead of paying attention to what you see in fashion magazines or on the runway at New York fashion week, it’s easy to develop a better fashion sense based on the inspiring videos uploaded by these awesome YouTubers.

Freddy My Love

Freddy My Love is a talented YouTuber with over 1.16 million subscribers on her channel. According to her about me section, she posts all the things she loves and she keeps it consistent by uploading every Monday at 7 pm GMT. Freddy not only post the cutest outfits ever to wear but also posts gift guides and travel diaries whenever she takes a trip. One of her most recent fashion-centered videos is titled “What to wear to look fabulous this party season!” She’s also got another video titled “What to wear to look stylish this winter.” She usually dresses in muted colors including baby pink, white, and tan.

BestDressed, aka Ashley

Ashley goes by the name of BestDressed on YouTube and currently has over 3.81 million subscribers. The about me page on her account says, “Fashion, thrifting, and other misadventures of a 20-something living in NYC, clinging to her glory days when she won the best dress to senior superlative. All served with a spicy side of dry humor.” Her sense of humor certainly wins her brownie points, but it’s her fashion sense that pulls people in the most. In one video, she shows viewers 50 separate outfits they can possibly wear when they feel like they have nothing cute in their closet to choose from.


WithWendy is a YouTuber with 1.37 million subscribers checking out her content. She’s all about DIY fashion and even knows how to sew. You’ll want to follow along with her YouTube channel if you’re interested in creating your own clothing. Along with posting sweet fashion inspiration, she also talks a lot about being pregnant, creating the perfect outward aesthetic, and decluttering her space.

iDressMyselff, aka Taylor

I Dress Myself is the official YouTube name of a fashion influencer named Taylor. She uses her YouTube channel to post about the thrift store gems she finds, cute back-to-school outfits, how to style a trenchcoat, and more. She’s got a video titled “Traditional outfits for Autumn” filled with endless info for the month of fall and all its typical traditional colors. She also does clothing hauls by trying on all the new clothing she purchases online for her followers.


Karen Brit Chick is an awesome YouTuber to follow if you want fashion tips to look amazing in New York City. If you want to be set up for success rather than failure, her tips are super easy to follow. She posts a lot of videos about what people are generally wearing while walking through the crowded streets of New York City. When you’re able to gauge what most people in the area are wearing on a daily basis, it makes it easier for you to figure out how to dress if you choose to travel there. She has videos titled “How to style a slip dress,” “How to style office outfits,“ and “How to detox your closet for spring.”

Wear I Live, aka Jenny

Jenny goes by the name Wear I Live on YouTube, and her followers are always intrigued by her content. Along with posting a bunch of videos about clothing and fashion, she also posts a lot about cooking, “day in the life” vlogging, and self-care routines. Trying on outfits is pretty typical for her, and she has plenty of videos to show off outfits. She’s got videos titled “My vintage denim collection,” “Quitting fast fashion,” and “Smart + conscious shopping + my fave places to shop.”

TheLineUp, aka Julia

Julia goes by the name of The Lineup on YouTube and posts her fashion videos in a video game style, unlike most of her competitors. She’s got videos titled “Music inspired outfits featuring my fine friends,” “How to put together outfits spring look book 2021,” and “Night out look book.” Along with posting several fashion-themed videos, she also has a lot of content about hair, makeup, products of choice, and what it was like for her to move into her new apartment.

Samantha Maria

Samantha Maria currently has over 1.75 million subscribers on YouTube who are totally obsessed with her super trendy fashion sense. The about me section on her channel says, “My name is Sam and I’m a London-based content creator who is pretty obsessed with fashion, styling, and the world of beauty. Wait. That’s not all! I’m also a mom of one, I dabble in fitness, cooking, interior design, traveling, and I’m an avid cinephile.“ While the majority of her videos are about the outfits, accessories, and jewelry she chooses to wear, she does consistently post other content including the topics mentioned in her bio.

Emma Chamberlain

With over 11.1 million subscribers on YouTube, Emma Chamberlain has certainly made an impact in the fashion world. Her followers absolutely love her style. She’s expanded beyond posting fashion content since launching her YouTube channel, but she’s still kept her fashion-loving fans completely satisfied. One of her videos is titled “Making ugly clothes cute *minimal effort*” and it’s pulled in over 5.7 million views so far. She also has another video where she simply reviews current fashion trends by voicing her own personal opinions.

Tasha Green

If anyone is going to make it far in the fashion world, it’s the lovely Tasha Green. Her fashion sense is super impressive because she knows how to dress up or dress down. Whether she’s totally casual or dressing herself to be overly glamorous, she looks great! Along with posting about fashion trends, she also posts about bedroom transformations, getting tattoos, and opening up about her emotions. Green has 148,000 subscribers on her YouTube channel right now and provides links to her other social media handles for anyone who wants to keep up with her off the video platform.