‘The Boys’ star opens up to reflect on his recent arrest

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Exactly two months ago to the day, reports started circulating online about Antony Starr seemingly getting into a bar fight with a Spanish chef and being detained in police custody for two days, until a quick trial handed him a suspended 12-month jail sentence. The Boys headliner paid a fine of £4,141 to avoid prison time and the entire incident naturally blew over in just a few days’ time.

After keeping a relatively low profile, Starr has once again emerged into the spotlight following the premiere of The Boys season 3. The actor behind everyone’s favorite sadistic superhero had to address the brief real-life episode where he channelled Homelander in a recent interview with The New York Times, explaining that unlike his character in the Amazon series, he believes in “accountability and taking responsibility.”

There’s not much point in me re-litigating the facts. They’re out there. They’ve been said. I’ve got nothing to add to that. [I] believe in accountability and taking responsibility. I got myself into a situation that was negative and I reacted poorly, and the way forward from that was very clear. It was quite simply to take ownership of it, which I do, and then really learn from it and move forward. I don’t know anyone that hasn’t, on a personal level, got things that they want to work on. I’ve really just kept this issue to a personal level, because it is a personal issue — a personal issue that I’ve taken responsibility for.

The actor sounds pretty clear about drawing a line between public opinion and what he deems a “personal issue.” Frankly, it’s a none too unreasonable argument to make, because if this had happened to anyone besides a celebrity of his stature, the news wouldn’t have even made it to page ten.

Antony Starr returns with another exemplary performance as Homelander in the third season of Prime Video’s The Boys. With the first three episodes out, the show is set to continue releasing new episodes every week on Friday.