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The ‘Heartstopper’ cast roasted each other with fan memes

*insert Will saying 'Slay Queen'*

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The Heartstopper kids are probably feeling on top of the world right now. The LGBT-repping teen drama-romantic comedy has become a breakout hit for distributor Netflix, and the cast seems poised for further stardom. But, the majority of the cast are still teens and apt to do what teens are apt to do. Namely, roasting their friends on the internet with clever memes.

The cast has received a lot of help from their growing fanbase, and in a recent thread on Twitter, the group was able to practically hand select from a wealth of lovingly created memes created by their viewers in order to bag on their castmates.

The latest cast pile on seems to have been triggered when Sebastian Croft, who plays fan-favorite ex-boyfriend Ben in the series, posted a meme of Kit Connor, who plays heartthrob Nick on the show. The pic shows Nick’s head photoshopped onto a much-memed photo of Robert Pattinson wearing a tracksuit.

Croft added, “I don’t know who made this, but on behalf of everyone; thank you” in the caption. Series Star Joe Locke responded with a brief Tweet that simply said, “Oh My God.” Connor then posted a stock photo of an office worker giving a giant-sized forced perspective thumbs up with Locke’s head photoshopped into it, to which Croft replied, “No one is safe.”

Mayhem then ensued, with Kit and Croft trading back a virtual barrage of cheeky memes. The balding Kit was a particular chef’s kiss moment.

All in good internet fun, though. The cheeky banter picked up a good amount of positive comments from fans, and no doubt has just increased their love of the show.

All eight episodes of Heartstopper are currently streaming on Netflix.

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