The Rock reveals his favorite Black Adam trait

black adam
Warner Bros.

Black Adam star Dwayne Johnson that he loves and admires his character’s directness.

For Twitter Movies, Johnson admitted that he likes how the anti-hero deals with people. Black Adam speaks with assurance and confidence, and when he looks at people, it’s as if he’s looking through them. This description is certainly true based on the action-packed clips from the movie which show him squaring off against the Justice Society of America who’ve been assigned to stop him. Aldis Hodge’s Hawkman attempts to reel in the aggressive man with the powers of Egyptian gods, but Black Adam refuses to budge from his position.

He also shared that Black Adam’s powers are fueled by rage and that he relies on his gut instinct. He doesn’t have any qualms about doing what he feels needs to be done, which doesn’t exactly sit well with the heroes. This was also a change of pace for Johnson, who’s accustomed to playing good guys — and even his characters who’re on the rougher side still usually have a heart of gold.

The actor said that he’s never played a character who’s as present in every moment and in every scene and that there’s a real intensity to him. In most cases with heroes — and sometimes even villains — there’s an internal struggle the character has in deciding what action to take. Black Adam will be more decisive about knowing what he wants and how best to get it.

Black Adam doesn’t pull its punches and there even was an R-rated version of Black Adam at one point, unlike the theatrical release which will be PG-13, and it reportedly required a lot of cuts to get it there. This has inspired some fans to request the more mature version of Black Adam, and if it gains enough momentum, (and with Johnson so eager to please the fans) it could be released to the public.

Black Adam hits theaters Oct. 21.