‘The Sandman’ account mysteriously tweets for first time in 6 months

the sandman

Similar to how the title character from the original 19th Century fable (and classic Metallica jam) helps children off to never never land, Netflix’s adaptation of The Sandman has been in a deep state of slumber for a very long time.

In fact, the show’s official Twitter account has been completely inactive since October 16 of last year, when a slate of posters were revealed showcasing the episodic blockbuster’s principal cast. Before that, it had been several weeks since The Sandman was active online, which was the debut of the first teaser trailer.

However, that’s now changed in the most enticing of ways after The Sandman offered a tease to its 20,000 followers, one which has instantly piqued curiosity and speculation across the internet.

While it could be a coincidence, it was only a couple of days ago that Gaiman teased the identity of the actor voicing Mervyn Pumpkinhead would be announced on “a slow news day”, as you can see below.

Does that mean one final key piece in the puzzle will be unveiled to the world shortly? Are we in line for some brand new images? A full-length trailer? An official release date? Or something else entirely?

Sadly, we have absolutely no idea which way The Sandman‘s wind is blowing, but a high-profile Twitter account doesn’t just dust itself off after half a year in hibernation for no reason, so let the speculation commence about what could be coming our way.

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