‘The Sandman’ star calls her role ‘the ultimate form of dress-up’

via Netflix

One of the most fascinating things about Neil Gaiman’s The Sandman is that we’re dealing with immortal primordial embodiments of some of the most fundamental concepts in existence, yet the story portrays them in a light that says they can be just as petty as any other sibling in history.

The Endless will no doubt be a highlight of Netflix’s The Sandman for years to come, and given the successful debut of the live-action adaptation, the story is almost guaranteed to get greenlit well into its fifth season.

One of these Endless, called Desire, is portrayed by breakthrough star Mason Alexander Park, who has revealed in a recent chat with Entertainment Weekly why she interprets playing Desire as the “ultimate form of dress-up.”

“There’s something about that kind of sibling dynamic, messing with someone just for the fun of it, that roots the character and the storytelling in such a youthful, childlike state. It really just feels like the ultimate form of dress-up. It feels like I’m putting on catsuits and messing with my older brother. That is everything I could’ve ever wanted when I was younger.”

It seems that by bringing the story of Dream to life, Neil Gaiman has also provided other people with the opportunity to realize dreams of their own, even if those dreams are as simple as having a bit of horseplay with siblings of your own.

The Endless will have a huge part to play in the story of Morpheus, though we have only just begun to get into it in earnest.

The first season of The Sandman is available for streaming on Netflix now, and many critics are already lauding it as one of the best adaptions in recent memory.