TikTok can’t decide whether the world has more doors or wheels

Image by Canva and Capcom. Remix by Jamie Dunkin

Which are there more of in the world: doors or wheels? That is the latest question that TikTok users are trying to answer as the platform goes on a debate to answer this seemingly pointless question.

Users are sharing their answers, with the different solutions that they’ve used to help end this debate. But sadly, no one has thrown down the gauntlet and no definite answer has been given.

I’ve asked people in the GAMURS office for their answers and… we’re also stuck. The office is also divided between the two choices.

TikTok users have been creative with their responses, and are using a variety of solutions to bring this debate to an end.

People have been using math to calculate their answers.

Some are accounting for other items other than generic car wheels, like carts, and other types of furniture that function as doors, like drawers, in their problem solving.


if you’re team wheels do me a favor and think of kitchens and literal buildings! #fyp #foryou #teamdoors #wheelsvsdoors

♬ original sound – speed._songsz

Some have gone to Google for the answer. It turns out, the search engine is on team doors.


#greenscreen so the argument is settled about doors vs wheels🙄

♬ original sound – Icy Trey

Some are even going as far as to use capitalism as a solution to their response.

During this online debate, some TikTok users are admitting to switching sides after seeing or hearing a viable counterargument.

Thousands of users have laid out their list of reasons as to why they believe there are more doors or wheels around the globe. Here is a viable, but by no means definitive, list supporting either option.


  • There are buildings such as offices, skyscrapers and apartments that contain multiple doors.
  • Vehicles have doors on them which negates some of the wheels in question.
  • Drawers in bathrooms and kitchens technically count as doors.


  • Public transport vehicles like buses and trains have more wheels than doors.
  • The toy company Hot Wheels sold more than 4 billion toy cars (with no working doors).
  • Scooters, skateboards, and hoverboards don’t have doors, but have functioning wheels

While there is no definitive end to the debate in sight, people on TikTok are still convinced that they have the answer. Whatever helps us get through the day, right?