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Tim Allen is back with another weird right wing rant about being ‘woke’

Old man yells at cloud again.

Tim Allen goes on another weird Twitter rant
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It’s become all too common to see one’s parents, grandparents, and boomers more generally become confused by the ever-evolving cultural landscape driven by the advent of social media.

Tim Allen has seemingly joined those ranks with an ironically ‘woke’ tweet about the nature of being ‘woke’.

It seems The Santa Clause, Toy Story, and Home Improvement star would like to be able to put a face to the entity which defines an opinion or thought process as ‘woke’.

He would also love to know if the ‘woke’ who walk among us have a secret clubhouse in which executive orders get handed down to constitute the ‘woke’ status quo, referring to woke-folk as ‘wokees’. 

Twitter is quite confused by whatever it is Allen is trying to get at, but naturally, a lot of amusing responses came through, mostly a barrage of what Tim would likely presume to be ‘wokees’ reminding him of that one time he was arrested for possession of cocaine in the 70s.

This person decided to educate Allen on being woke by referring them to a good old-fashioned dictionary.

But maybe Allen was simply having a hard time spelling the word ‘wookies’ and just wanted to know a little more about the fan favorite fuzzy Star Wars species. 

This is the second time in less than a full month that the actor has come under fire for his Twitter musings, having come after President Joe Biden a few weeks ago. That also didn’t go over so well. 

Weird right-wing Twitter rants aside, Tim Allen will be donning his Father Christmas hat for what seems to be one last time in the Disney Plus TV series The Santa Clauses, its first episode will air on Nov. 16. 

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