Twitter’s new craze calls people out for the movies they haven’t seen

Twitter is the go-to hub for trending news and snap opinions. Amongst its top trending subjects is the latest craze: #IHaveNotSeen. For those who are unaware, the #IHaveNotSeen tag is used to tell your followers which movies or TV shows you’ve never watched. Some of the confessions are understandable, whereas others are sparking outrage on the social media platform as users learn that not everyone has experienced their favorite franchises.

The sheer amount of Twitter users that are taking part in the hashtag trend has bumped the craze up in the “trending” list.

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From globally popular and influential franchises like Harry Potter, Star Wars and Marvel to timeless cult-classics like The Godfather, The Big Lebowski and Avatar, it turns out that some people have been living under a rock for years. Many Twitter users are asking their followers: What movie has everyone else seen, but you haven’t?” Needless to say, the reactions are extremely divided; some followers are sympathetic and others are in disbelief.

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For any Twitter users wishing to partake in the trend, prepare yourselves to be thoroughly and mercilessly judged. Tweet using the hashtag “#IHaveNotSeen” and tell your followers which movies and shows you’ve never seen.