The Walking Dead Creator Explains Why The Comic Is Ending


The Walking Dead fans were blown away this week when it was revealed that the latest issue of the Image Comics series would be the final ever installment of the long-running comic book. TWD has been going for 15 years but issue #193, released today (Wednesday the 3rd), is to be its last. Understandably, fans are shocked by creator Robert Kirkman’s decision to end the series so suddenly and so, it was probably a smart decision to conclude the triple-length issue with an extended letter to the readers explaining why the tough call was made.

The letter sees Kirkman reflect on his experiences developing the comic over the years, touch on the aborted original end for the series he planned out years ago and why it’s finally time to close up shop. The writer makes it clear that he was still enjoying penning the comic as much as always but it was purely a creative decision – it just felt like the perfect time to bring the story to a close.

You can read the full six page letter in the gallery below:

In issue #192, protagonist Rick Grimes was killed off, which left the final issue to wrap up the stories of the surviving characters – mostly his son, Carl. Interestingly, issue #193 took the form of a flash-forward skipping several years into the future, depicting a much more civilized society that has got its walker problem under control to the point where killing them is prohibited.

It sounds like the TV series finale won’t be able to draw much from its comics counterpart when it eventually arrives, then, as both Rick and Carl are long gone on screen. Don’t expect the show to wrap up anytime soon, though, as we’ve been assured it’s got many years left to go yet. The Walking Dead season 10, for one, kicks off this fall on AMC, and we expect to learn all about it later this month at Comic-Con.