Watch: Amber Heard’s video shows Johnny Depp slamming cupboards, then discovering he’s being recorded

Johnny Depp
Photo by Paul Morigi/Getty Images

An explosive new video brought presented by Amber Heard in a trial of dueling defamation lawsuits among Hollywood stars and ex-spouses appears to show Johnny Depp acting in a somewhat disorderly fashion, including slamming cupboards.

Pirates of the Caribbean actor Depp is suing Aquaman star Heard for $50 million for defamation. The lawsuit centers around an op-ed Heard wrote in 2018 for the Washington Post in which she described herself as a “public figure representing domestic abuse.” Though Depp isn’t mentioned by name in the article, he says he is implied to be the abuser in the piece, an allegation he says is false and damaged his career. Heard is counter-suing, also for defamation for $50 million. 

Thursday represents the third day Depp has testified in the trial, which is being live-streamed on the Law & Crime Network YouTube channel. Thursday is also the first full day of cross-examination.

The video shows Depp slamming cupboards and other objects, pouring himself a glass of wine, and then discovering Heard is recording her. 

Depp takes issue with the existence of any video Heard took of him without his knowledge, noting that he considers “illegally being recorded by your chosen other” to be a betrayal.

This comes amid a trial in which Heard’s lawyers have claimed Depp’s denials of domestic abuse aren’t credible due to being prone to blackouts from abusing alcohol and drugs and therefore not remembering anything he did.

Though Depp has previously claimed Heard’s alcohol and drug abuse allegations are “grossly embellished,” some text messages surfaced earlier Thursday that seemed to show Depp acknowledging that he went on a massive drug binge while traveling on an airplane with Heard — something he previously denied doing.

Heard is expected to testify at some point during the trial, which is in its second week and expected to last more than a month. Tech mogul Elon Musk and actors James Franco and Paul Bettany are all on the witness list and expected to testify at some point, either in person or via video link.