Watch: ‘First Kill’ fantasy series trailer teases tale of forbidden love

The first trailer for Netflix’s First Kill is here, hinting at a one-two punch of emotional taboo love set against a backdrop of action fantasy.

The series focuses on two opposing sides, those of vampires and the ones who hunt them. But a Romeo and Juliet-like romance blooms across the battlefield, in what looks to be a show that crosses the pulse-pounding action of Blade with the mellow drama of Dawson’s Creek.

The show centers around teenage vampire Juliette, who sets her sights on Calliope, a new girl in town, for her first kill. But Juliette is taken aback to discover Calliope is, in fact, a vampire hunter. Far from going for the kill, the two begin to fall for each other instead.

The show stars Sarah Catherine Hook as Juliette and Imani Lewis as Calliope. Co-stars include Jonas Dylan Allen, Elizabeth Mitchell, Gracie Dzienny, Will Swenson, Jason R. Moore, Dylan McNamara, Dominic Goodman, Phillip Mullings Jr., Aubin Wise, Mk Xyz, Roberto Mendez, Gail Soltys, Walnette Marie Santiago, Joseph D. Reitman, Annunziata Gianzero, and Mikala Gibson.

The series is based on a short story by New York Times best-selling author Victoria “V.E.” Schwab, who also serves as the show’s creator, writer, and executive producer.

The Punisher‘s Felicia D. Henderson will also be tapped to write, executive produce, and serve as showrunner. Emma Roberts and Karah Preiss will also executive produce through their Belletrist productions, as noted in a Netflix press release.

The first season of First Kill premieres on Netflix on June 10.