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Watch: ‘Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur’ teaser trailer

It’s going to be a wild adventure!

It’s time to experience some Moon Girl magic with the upcoming Disney/Marvel series Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur. Premiering on Disney Plus in 2023, fans were treated to an exciting first look thanks to the D23 Expo

Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur is an animated series that will introduce fans to Lunella, a 13-year-old girl who is as brilliant as she is daring and always ready for a great adventure. That spirit is exactly what she needs as she brings a dinosaur to New York City via a time vortex, and he’s certainly no small house pet.

The teaser trailer shows Lunella as she becomes Moon Girl, ready to fight crime alongside Devil Dinosaur, and as she navigates those awkward and exciting teenage years. 

The crime-fighting superhero team will undeniably face obstacles more significant than they ever imagined, and Moon Girl will find the power within herself strong enough to defeat the darkest evil she could fathom. It’s a tale as old as time, a child dreaming of becoming a superhero and actually doing it. It’s inspiring and fun, but the series will also serve essential lessons to those who sit down and enjoy it.

Those at the D23 Expo were able to experience the first episode of the series and are already singing its praises, calling it a must-watch, promising it’ll blow you away.

There was also an epic roller-skate performance to hype the audience for the trailer’s premiere and first episode.

Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur hits the Disney Channel on Feb. 10, and it will be an exciting ride. 

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