Watch: Netflix reveals first look at ‘Sweet Tooth’ season 2


Any time Netflix releases a big budget fantasy show, fans have become wary of getting too attached, based on the number of high-profile casualties to have been ruthlessly canceled over the years. Thankfully, Sweet Tooth wasn’t one of them, with the whimsical adventure being given the green light for more episodes shortly after the first run dropped in June of last year.

Executive produced by Robert Downey Jr., the story followed the half-human, half-deer child Gus, who was raised by his father in the isolated forests to keep him safe from a world that wanted to track him down and eliminate his kind, with hybrids having emerged in the aftermath of a devastating global event.

Heading out on a cross-country journey with his unlikely traveling companion Jep, the duo ultimately forge a bond that could best be described as heartwarming. Subscribers have been eagerly anticipating new news on season 2 for what feels like forever, and Netflix has now obliged thanks to Geeked Weeked.

The event has only just started, but a barrage of teasers and trailers have made their way online already, which includes confirmation that the latest run of Sweet Tooth has officially wrapped production. The first run became one of the streamer’s 10 most popular English-language original shows ever, so the bar has been set fairly high.

Based on the consistent quality displayed across the first season, though, we’ve got every reason to believe the cast, crew, and creative team will knock it out of the park once again.