Watch: Netflix shares trailer for ‘LOVE, DEATH & ROBOTS: Volume 3’


Fans are getting a third season of LOVE, DEATH & ROBOTS next month and, now the first trailer for the highly anticipated season is finally here.

The anthology series has already earned a reputation for boasting wild adventures in a variety of unique animation styles, and if the trailer is anything to go off, this might be the most out-there volume to date.

In the spirit of the show’s obscurity, the trailer starts off directly referencing other Netflix productions like The Crown and The Queen’s Gambit, but don’t be fooled — this next season looks to have very few similarities to these shows.

This new trailer and release date for volume three of LOVE, DEATH & ROBOTS fall in line with the timeline that Netflix teased for the release back in 2020 when they announced volume two.

LOVE, DEATH, & ROBOTS launched its first season back in 2019 which was loved by critics and audiences and currently boasts a Tomatometer score of 77 percent. In 2021, season two launched with even more praise scoring itself 85 percent on Rotten Tomatoes and setting the stage for season three.

Right now no details about the upcoming season have been revealed. This means the episode count isn’t yet known, and will be hard to predict, considering the first season sported 18 episodes while season two had just eight.

However, IGN reported last year that the third season could have eight episodes too, due to the show’s popularity, and resulting demand for more content by fans.

LOVE, DEATH & ROBOTS will be available to stream on Netflix on May 20.