Watch: Netflix teases latest ‘Iron Chef’ offering

Netflix is bringing Iron Chef back into our regular TV diet with their reboot series, Iron Chef: Quest for an Iron Legend.

The latest trailer teases a return to a format we last saw in 2018 with Food Network’s Iron Chef America, including returning hosts Alton Brown, and Mark Dacascos as The Chairman. Kristen Kish will also co-host.

The 45-minute episodes tout head-to-head competitions with chefs vying for the coveted moniker of “Iron Legend.”

True to the series that started it all, which originally ran on Japanese television from 1993 to 1999, the cook-off will involve a timed cooking battle among competitors, who must build their dishes around a specific theme ingredient.

This new show, touted as a “supersized” reboot, is described as the toughest culinary challenge a chef will ever face, where world-class cuisine meets high-octane sports, according to the series’ synopsis.

Judging the competition are five trailblazing Iron Chefs who will welcome brave challenger chefs in the newly revamped Kitchen Stadium, pushing the limits of their food creativity and sheer endurance. The competitor with the most extraordinary culinary creation will return in a grand finale battle for a chance to be given the title of the first-ever “Iron Legend.”

In addition, Netflix will also be releasing Iron Chef Mexico and Iron Chef Brazil later this year.

Check out Iron Chef: Quest for an Iron Legend at this link, and watch for its premiere on Netflix on June 15.