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Watch: ‘Stranger Things 4’ blooper reel reveals BTS fun fueling the on-screen chaos in Hawkins

Watch Joe, Gaten, and Joseph fool around on set for four minutes.

It’s been months since Netflix’s most popular television series, Stranger Things, debuted its fourth season and there are long months of waiting ahead of us until the Hawkins gang return. Fortunately, the streaming mogul understands the fanbase’s thirst all too well, which is why they didn’t leave us hanging during today’s Tudum event and released a season 4 blooper reel.

And it’s a long one, as bloopers go. Four full minutes of it, in fact, with the Stranger Things cast showing off just how much fun they have on set and highlighting how much they love the franchise while they’re at it. In that, they share a deep bond with the community, some of whom are practically living these characters even when they’re off-screen and the hype maelstroms have long since subsided.

As for the show’s final season, the Duffer Brothers are busy writing the scripts for Stranger Things 5, and pre-production seems to be moving ahead at a brisk pace. It might still be a few years until we embark on the final chapter of this journey, but at least the crew is showing an inclination to keep fans updated at regular intervals.

Based on when we last saw our beloved characters, Eleven is preparing to square off against Vecna, who is all but guaranteed to return in strength and exact his revenge, for both the past and what the Hawkins gang did to him in season four. Max’s fate remains ambiguous, while Hopper will return to see his little town wreathed in turmoil.

The stage is set, and the clock hand is making its way to strike the final hour.

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