Watch: ‘The Boys’ are back and crazier than ever in season 3 trailer


Having officially ascended into the realms of prestige television by becoming the first multi-season superhero show to score a Primetime Emmy nomination for Outstanding Drama Series, Prime Video’s demented comic book adaptation The Boys had every right to rein things back a little bit in search of awards season glory.

Of course, if you’ve seen a single episode of Eric Kripke’s brainchild, then you’ll know that’s not how he or his cast of disparate characters operate. Ever since season 3 entered production, we’ve been inundated with virtually every key cast or crew member touting it as the biggest, boldest, baddest, wildest run of episodes yet.

Based on the footage on display in the freshly-released teaser trailer, it looks as though Kripke and the gang may have been underselling things a touch.

In less than two minutes we see sex, fake smiles, dance numbers, blood, guts, what looks to be a star-spangled dildo, broken arms, exploding body parts, projectile vomit, Homelander milking a cow, and Billy Butcher shooting laser beams out of his eyes. In short, it looks incredible, and it only makes the wait until June 3 feel a whole lot longer.

The Boys has to be regarded as Amazon’s marquee in-house episodic property, and you can completely understand why. Sure, it most definitely isn’t for the entire family to sit down together and enjoy, but the raucous battle between the forces of good and evil has deserved every inch of acclaim that it’s gotten, and we can’t wait to see more.