We finally know when ‘American Horror Story’ Season 11 is being released

American Horror Story is bringing fear to everyone’s favorite season: spooky season! That’s right; if you’re looking for more horror, you’re in luck.

Deadline confirmed that the fall season is bringing American Horror Story back for its 11th season, and things are going to get eerie. As per usual, Ryan Murphy and the team behind AHS won’t be giving away any plot details just yet, but fear is a game they know quite well.

With no official title or cast list, there’s still a lot to be uncovered about the upcoming season. Still, we can’t wait until the spooky season is made even creepier with new American Horror Story content.

So what should fans do if they’re missing AHS? Turn to Hulu, of course. Much like the ever-expanding The Walking Dead world, American Horror Story has an evolving universe with American Horror Stories, streaming on Hulu now. A new season just dropped, and the anthology-style series is full of frightening delights.

If you want to revisit American Horror Story fan-favorite seasons, you can do that on Hulu too. The 10th season, American Horror Story: Double Feature, told two stories in one, and they were both full of spine-tingling unease. From politics to hotels and summer camp, AHS has taken us through terrifying stories almost everywhere.

Longtime fans of the series have come to expect that new seasons kick off in late September or October with power players like Sarah Paulson, Lily Rabe, Evan Peters (who fans don’t anticipate seeing in the new season), and Denis O’Hare.